Mystery   It begins Like sound is silence Endlessly echoing the eternum Meandering the inner traces To ensue countless ages Where silence strum the cords Seated on the conduit to begin anew Read More Poetry Free on the poetry page  

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Essence catching fire A brimmed wide nadir swagging on ire A temple too dull to light Attended at the breadth Near the loft to cry evil With its coos fetched at the veil Like true dark reflection Unable to examine the mirror The white lamb sowing the lent Did not comprehend its mirage The wish […]

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Slave to The Dancer

Lustfully taunting, her strut that smooth motion as she stalks my reality with her presence She’s jovial at once and hellbent On making me take notice Of her existence I watch I watch and wonder why The hell would a woman so fine decide she has to try But her sultry moves makes me take […]

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Endless passion The romance of stones the way we dance under the fervent fragrance She was a lover I’d prefer to keep I felt her love even while I sleep she caught my wondering eye and kept it locked to her, her words, to the crown of her locks wondering around at nights hoping to […]

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