Mystery   It begins Like sound is silence Endlessly echoing the eternum Meandering the inner traces To ensue countless ages Where silence strum the cords Seated on the conduit to begin anew Read More Poetry Free on the poetry page  

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Freedom Like that One Drop

That Freedom like a One-Drop Kevin Allen Life can be just like that one-drop Beats so heavy it will make your feet strut, strut – stop To our rhythm like dap, dap dap, Like that new dance when the cool folk go dot dot The one when the beat is just too damn hot Like […]

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Essence catching fire A brimmed wide nadir swagging on ire A temple too dull to light Attended at the breadth Near the loft to cry evil With its coos fetched at the veil Like true dark reflection Unable to examine the mirror The white lamb sowing the lent Did not comprehend its mirage The wish […]

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Refracted Reflection

Refracted Reflection We nest in a place we didn’t exist a long time ago Inclining on stars that gave no Ear to usher in the word we sprang forward into voids That followed dark, bright, to respite. We are seated on a perpetual eve that will never be seen Nor heard of, or fabled by […]

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The chair where no one sits Has eyes through which no one sees Gracious skin that no one feels A loving heart no one resists And, it seems, everyone fears it

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The Silent Hill

The Silent Hill a poem by Kevin Allen The silent hill has no resting place anymore It is as loud and crowded as that other The one where the noises overshadow the quiet places of rest But there’s no resting there Not for the wicked Neither for the good It is a place of eternal […]

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The Stone Cutter by Melissa Bird

Poetry. The lyric we are defined by. The seed of life. This is where our pains our glories our wants and needs reside.  All balled into paradoxical strings preaching we are alive. We are here. Please enjoy the lyrics of Melissa Bird. The Stonecutter I cut at this stone some relief its trapped the figure […]

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An Ode to the Editor

The proofread is where the battle begins. It starts when the editor looks at what they’ve been handed. They open it and read a few lines in. Looks up and gives you a cheeky smile that says more than it needs to, assuming you’re in the same room, which almost never happens to protect the poor writer. Could you imagine the headline? EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: EDITOR STRANGLES WRITER DURING PROOFREADING!

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